Convergence/Divergence: New Approaches to the Global History of Capitalism Conference

28-29 September 2019



Panel 1: The European Miracle or Pre-Orient? Early Modern Convergence Tales as Rival Narratives

Chair: James Belich (Oxford)

Panel 2: The Great Divergence: Timing and Causality 20 years later

Chair: Sebastian Conrad (Free University, Berlin)

Panel 3: Catastrophe or Liberation?  Capitalism or Environment?  Anthropocene, Energy, and Global Capitalism

Chair: Gareth Austin (Cambridge)

Panel 4: Technology, Institutions and Divergence: Arguments and Counterarguments About Rise and Fall, Success and Failure

Chair: Christopher McKenna (Oxford)

Panel 5: Labour and the Household, a Global History

Chair: Rowena Olegario (Oxford)

Panel 6 (wrap up reflection): History and Public Policy

Chair: Andrew Thompson (Oxford)