Digitizing the Baring Archive

messrs baring brothers co

Baring Brothers & Co, by Ambrose McEvoy

The Baring Archive is described as one of the finest archives of a financial institution anywhere in the world. Located in London, the Baring Archive contains material from the establishment in 1762 of the London merchant house of John & Francis Baring & Co, later known as Baring Brothers, through to the firm’s acquisition by ING. As the firm's business was international in scope the archives appeal to historians of many countries.    

Rowena Olegario (Co-director of the Global History of Capitalism Project) joined the Board of Trustees of the Baring Archive in 2019. The aim of the Trustees is to ensure that the collections are well-used by academics and other members of the public.  


Since 2017 the archive has been devoted to digitising a significant proportion of its collection. In 2018 they produced a digital exhibition relating to Barings’ business in Argentina from 1817 through to 1925. This can be viewed online here


rowena olegario

Dr Rowena Olegario

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