Global History of Capitalism Doctoral Studentships 2020-21

Congratulations to three Oxford doctoral students Mimi Goodall, Sage Goodwin and Ben Schneider, all of whom have been awarded 4th year studentships within the Global History of Capitalism project.

Mimi Goodall is a History D.Phil. student completing her doctorate on ‘Sugar in the British Atlantic 1650-1750’. Mimi is investigating how people consumed sugar throughout the early modern British Atlantic world.  Her work shows that all social classes on both sides of the Atlantic consumed sugar much earlier than academics have previously understood and, in turn, why the increasing consumption of sugar mattered so much for the wider culture of the Atlantic world. Walter Scott & Partners have graciously provided funding for Mimi’s studentship.

Sage Goodwin is a D.Phil. candidate in American History. Sage is finishing her doctoral thesis on ‘Framing the Civil Rights Story: Network Television News and the Struggle for Black Freedom, 1954-1968’. Her research describes how capitalism underpins the historical relationship between media and racial equality, exploring how civil rights, American television’s first great domestic news story, threw into sharp relief the tensions at the heart of America’s information industry. Sage’s work explores, in particular, the potential conflict between public service and corporate profit.

Ben Schneider is finishing his D.Phil. in Economic and Social History. His doctoral thesis, ‘Technological Change and Work’, investigates the impact of technological change on employment over time.  Ben compares a variety of industrial sectors in the United States and Britain from the 18th century to the early 20th century, in order to understand technological unemployment from both a scholarly as well as a contemporary policy perspective.

We look forward to welcoming Mimi, Sage, and Ben to the project’s research community in the coming academic year, and to working with them to build historical case studies based on their research that will add to the project’s expanding case study series. The Global History of Capitalism project is particularly grateful to our sponsors for their generous donations that support the doctoral studentship programme, now in its fourth year at Oxford.