Dr Andrew Edwards on disruptive forces in the history of capitalism

The Global History of Capitalism project's Career Development Fellow, Dr Andrew Edwards, was interviewed recently by Deepesh Patel and Shariz Aslam of the Oxford student-run humanities journal Broad Street Humanities Review. The interview was the inaugural podcast in the journal's new weekly 'Disruption Discussed' podcast series.

In the podcast Andrew talks about different disruptive forces in history and their effects, both opportunistic or accidental, in relation to the global history of capitalism, touching on topics as diverse as the Black Death, European imperialism, the global trade in silver, the growth and decline of China, the rise of the multinational firm, the development of international monetary systems, as well as historical parallels with the current Covid-19 crisis.

Click here to listen to the interview.

The series also features podcasts by Dr Faridah Zaman and Dr Anthony Reddie and is available to listen to for free on Spotify.