As a focal point for ongoing scholarship on the history of capitalism, the project will promote an explicitly global perspective that contextualises the history of capitalism beyond the West and investigates the deep institutional roots of capitalist systems. Given the remarkable scholarship already going on within Oxford’s History Faculty, Economics Faculty, and the Said Business School, the project seeks to contribute an institutional and transnational perspective to the history of capitalism.

This project, housed within the Oxford Centre for Global History, supports postdoctoral fellows, doctoral studentships, and senior research fellows through the generosity of philanthropic donors. The project is integrated into the interdisciplinary fabric of Oxford, both in undergraduate and graduate teaching and also through a direct link with the collegiate system through a partnership with Brasenose College.

The Global History of Capitalism project is hosted by the Oxford Centre for Global History, Faculty of History, and has close links to Brasenose College and the Said Business School. 

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The Amersi Foundation

Oxford Centre for Corporate Reputation 

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Related projects/institutions

The project seeks to develop collaborative teaching and research programmes and build relationships with other institutions and organisations. These include:

British Academy - 'The Future of the Corporation' research programme

Cornell University - ILR School - 'The History of Capitalism' summer camp

University of Delaware - Hagley Program in the History of Capitalism, Technology and Culture